Weapons Of Warfare

The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword


Harsh Truths

Sandra Bland

Soo.. While in Ohio for the Fourth of July weekend, My Bestfriend and myself were stopped by a white police officer for no other reason than being black. He made up the absolute most ridiculous traffic infraction to pull me over, which still doesn’t make sense to me. Car full of children, Late night, maybe almost or after 1 a.m. When he stopped us, he asked for my license as well as April’s who was the passenger at the time. So we’re both trying to figure out why you would need to see her license unless you suspected that we could possibly have warrants or other criminal infractions that could be used to detain us. Not sure if it was a combination of the car we were driving and the color of our skin, but it absolutely blows my mind to think that Sandra bland could have been us. Had we given into the anxiety, frustration, and anger that occurs when you are approached by a white police officer knowing you haven’t committed a crime, or even small traffic violation..our tone of voice, or unwillingness to comply with the infringement on our rights could have ended our lives.. to think that’s even possible in 2015 is absolutely mind blowing… I thank God for Grace & Mercy. Had it not been for Him, this could have been our fate as well…

All Hell broke loose on CNN when a media guest and former NYPD detective Harry Houck went at it about Sandra Bland’s murder in a Texas jail. The two

Unwaivering Faith


Yall are so annoying. ..facts of life — someone’s gonna love it, and someone’s going to hate it. Period. No need to voice your opinion trying to change someone’s religious beliefs, because it ain’t happening. And if you’re a fellow Christian and believe God’s word is the same yesterday,  today, and forever need to voice your disagreement and use Christ as the argument. Let God’s word speak for itself. ..The Bible never speaks on anyone’s opinions, they don’t quite matter to God in the grand scheme of things.  He hears prayer and prayer changes things. So shut up,  pray and keep being straight.. and those that support gay marriage, have your moment..why spend what you’ve been fighting for trying to change unwavering opinions…#ijs


No judgments about what is taking place in Baltimore. People live their lives close to the edge every day. Your edge is different from mine, and mine different from theirs. Who’s to say what the outcome should be once you’ve been pushed over. Rioting and looting are like temper tantrums from a child, they are not the real issue, nor do they bring you closer to the solution for the real issue. However, they get you the attention you feel like you need. The right attention, not likely, but attention none the less..and when you’ve been ignored for so long, you’ll take anything you can get. …and that’s something I can understand….

HARSH truths.

Overlooking the cause of a disease and putting a bandaid over the wound does not heal the body of the disease. We cannot overlook 2 truths in the situation — Mike Brown would still be alive had he not been fatally shot and killed by officer Wilson. Mike Brown would also still be alive had he not disrespected the authority of the Ferguson police department when approached about being in the street, nor would he have been further pursued had he not fit the description of the suspect in the crime he committed before being found in the street.

I hope those that are set on teaching their sons that the system does not serve to protect them also teaches them that though this may be true, the best way to beat the system is to abide by it. If the laws don’t serve to protect you, it certainly doesn’t serve you to break them..this teaching too starts in the home.

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