I decided that I don’t want to settle in my life anymore.

I don’t want to be pessimistic out of fear of disappointment when I really want to be excited. I don’t want to be doubtful instead of hopeful because my expectations weren’t met. I don’t want to continue without expectation because it/he/they may fall short of that expectation. I don’t want to spend another day afraid to dream, to have hope for the things in my heart as if they’re off limits to me. I don’t want to cheer/push/pray/or drag another person into their destiny and forget about mine. I don’t want to take the first mate that I think I like because he likes me but doesn’t rise to the occasion or meet the standard. I don’t want to accept disrespect because it’s become familiar. I don’t want to be taken advantage of for the sake of people being around, and I don’t want to be anyone’s seconds, after thought, or back burner – backup plan. And I don’t want to doubt that who I am right now is not enough, not another day. Just not what I wanna do anymore. I deserve more. HE guarantees me more. I owe it to myself and the grace over my life to be present in it, expecting to receive all that has my name on it. That’s what I wanna do.#reachoutandgrabit

.. Don’t mind me….#30iscoming and I speak a shift over every area of my life! My faith, my finances, my friendships, my business, my relationships, my mind, my heart, the way that I perceive, receive and interpret information, my home, and everything connected to me. Change starts with the decision to change & I decided!