This – my people, are out there. For every person that “doesn’t know how to take me,” for every time I’ve been labeled for being exactly who I am. For speaking the way that I do. For not filtering my responses or opinions to satisfy the palettes of others.. For every time I’ve said what everyone else was thinking but did not say. For my way. My way of being. My way of interacting or not interacting. For every time I tried to be someone or something else to be appealing and appeasing and you still “don’t know how to take,” either of those options. For every time you told me to be my true authentic self, and even then that wasn’t enough. For every time I silenced the voice that God gave me because reception may be off – even when I knew He gave it to me to say… For every time you encouraged me with cliché quips about being made in His image, but you don’t like what you see. MY PEOPLE are out there. And even if I haven’t found all of them yet, even if my tribe isn’t fully assembled, they are out there. And they already love me, just as I am. Just as I was, and all of me that will come to be. I dare not withdraw, shrink, or hide myself for those that are not my people. They deserve the best of me. Not the self-esteem lacking rest of me. Not the leftovers from trying to fit in, be like, be appreciated, or being well received. Everything and everyone won’t be well received. Some of us are here to provide the harsh truths that make you change, make you think, make you reconsider, and push your patience and empathy to its next level. And if we’re not for you, that’s fine. I am not for everyone. I am not for most. But, my people are out there and they will love me fiercely.