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The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword


May 2017

See People.

I just want to see people. I want to see all the people that feel like I’ve felt. The folk that mosey on out of the room unnoticed because everyone is engaged with someone and they have no one. I want to notice all the people that feel small, and do for them all the things that I wish someone would say or do in the moments that I feel the smallest. I want to ask folk how they’re doing and genuinely mean it. Not out of protocol or manners, but because I wonder has anyone asked and really cared? I want people to feel seen- to be glad they showed up today because had they not, the would’ve missed the encounter. I just want people to feel like they matter. It’s hard feeling like you wouldn’t be missed if you weren’t around. Or that if you weren’t there, no one would notice. No one would ask, “have you seen such and such lately? Checked in with them? heard from them?”… I am proof that someone somewhere would be looking for you! People from yesteryear cross my mind every day. Shame on me for not reaching out and letting them know they were on my mind. But there isn’t a day that goes by that someone that I used to know, or currently know that I haven’t seen or talked to – doesn’t cross my mind.

Even if you feel like no one is looking for you, you still matter. Your existence is still important. Life would be different for someone tomorrow if you weren’t here today. We need you. We need your specific contribution to this space in this very moment. We need what you bring to the table. We need your ideas, your visions and your dreams to come to fruition. We need your hopes that you hang your heart on. We need you! We need you to raise your children in the way that only you can – that will set them on the path of change to be a chain-breaker in this world. We need your grandchildren to be the visionary for a lost generation. We need your footprint that crosses the path of so many to leave an indelible imprint on the lives of others.

Today may not feel like your day. Today you may feel invisible. But we still need you. Someone is thinking of you. You are crossing someone’s mind right now. A stranger that doesn’t know you needs your smile, needs your “thank you.” Someone needs your, “You’re welcome,” today. Someone needs to see your smile today. And even on the days where none of this seems possible to you; and you just can’t believe it to be true. We need you tomorrow also. You’re someone’s reason for getting up.

Sometimes its the smallest things that matter. Missed you today.


Mask Off

I’ve learned that mask we often wear to hide portions of ourselves and our lives is more of a prison for ourselves than protection from ridicule and pain at the hands of others… When we wear a mask, no one is able to get to know, care for, and love the real us… So when the real US shows up – whether it inability to hide it because it’s spilling over, or we’re tired of keeping up the facade; the people that we love have a hard time supporting, relating, and helping us because they don’t know us in that space…they aren’t sure how to support this version of us because they’ve never been privileged to know it. And this leaves us vulnerable and alone, which many of us fear the most. Isn’t it ironic that we put up all these walls and barriers to protect ourselves from the heartbreak of being abandoned and being seen for whom and what we really are… Only to be equally if not more heartbroken because we end up abandoned and heartbroken through our own protective measures when the real us decides to show up?

I Decided.

I decided that I don’t want to settle in my life anymore.

I don’t want to be pessimistic out of fear of disappointment when I really want to be excited. I don’t want to be doubtful instead of hopeful because my expectations weren’t met. I don’t want to continue without expectation because it/he/they may fall short of that expectation. I don’t want to spend another day afraid to dream, to have hope for the things in my heart as if they’re off limits to me. I don’t want to cheer/push/pray/or drag another person into their destiny and forget about mine. I don’t want to take the first mate that I think I like because he likes me but doesn’t rise to the occasion or meet the standard. I don’t want to accept disrespect because it’s become familiar. I don’t want to be taken advantage of for the sake of people being around, and I don’t want to be anyone’s seconds, after thought, or back burner – backup plan. And I don’t want to doubt that who I am right now is not enough, not another day. Just not what I wanna do anymore. I deserve more. HE guarantees me more. I owe it to myself and the grace over my life to be present in it, expecting to receive all that has my name on it. That’s what I wanna do.#reachoutandgrabit

.. Don’t mind me….#30iscoming and I speak a shift over every area of my life! My faith, my finances, my friendships, my business, my relationships, my mind, my heart, the way that I perceive, receive and interpret information, my home, and everything connected to me. Change starts with the decision to change & I decided!


This – my people, are out there. For every person that “doesn’t know how to take me,” for every time I’ve been labeled for being exactly who I am. For speaking the way that I do. For not filtering my responses or opinions to satisfy the palettes of others.. For every time I’ve said what everyone else was thinking but did not say. For my way. My way of being. My way of interacting or not interacting. For every time I tried to be someone or something else to be appealing and appeasing and you still “don’t know how to take,” either of those options. For every time you told me to be my true authentic self, and even then that wasn’t enough. For every time I silenced the voice that God gave me because reception may be off – even when I knew He gave it to me to say… For every time you encouraged me with cliché quips about being made in His image, but you don’t like what you see. MY PEOPLE are out there. And even if I haven’t found all of them yet, even if my tribe isn’t fully assembled, they are out there. And they already love me, just as I am. Just as I was, and all of me that will come to be. I dare not withdraw, shrink, or hide myself for those that are not my people. They deserve the best of me. Not the self-esteem lacking rest of me. Not the leftovers from trying to fit in, be like, be appreciated, or being well received. Everything and everyone won’t be well received. Some of us are here to provide the harsh truths that make you change, make you think, make you reconsider, and push your patience and empathy to its next level. And if we’re not for you, that’s fine. I am not for everyone. I am not for most. But, my people are out there and they will love me fiercely.

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