This is why being honest about who you are and what you’ve been through and where you are, no matter how ugly, dark, or terrible it may be is important.

If you say to me, you got into a little fender binder, but everything is okay and you’re fine.. I might say, “oh no, I’m glad you’re okay!”.. But if you tell me that a car hit you, and your car rolled over three times, crossed two lanes of traffic, and you had to get 37 switches and a new hip, I would say..” Oh my God! That ain’t nobody but God, you are blessed girl! “…

Did you catch the difference?! If you hide the ugly and dark details, folk can’t really see what God has/is doing! All we can see is what YOU want us to see, and not what God has done! Just like the people on the gram selling waist trainers and diet pills… I can’t tell if something works for me if I haven’t seen it work for someone else LIKE ME! Put a fat girl in a waist trainer and show me HER BEFORE and after pics so I can see what it can really do! So I can see if it will work for me!

I said all that to say if you’re not willing to show people your before – what God has done, fixed, restored, brought you through – honestly and earnestly… How will people know if He really works? If He’s worth trying?

Stop hiding God’s work to save face! Where you are now only matters because of where you’ve been!