Sometimes we can see all that God has endowed a person with, and all the amazing things they will do once they “walk in their calling,” or submit to the process and give birth to that thing that the people and the world need, that we get frustrated with them! We even get frustrated when it’s us that is reluctant or stagnant in the birthing process! But apparently everything is a process and most have a definitive beginning and a definite end – and there’s no other way around BUT to trust the process. Case in point, April The Giraffe {Duh!} many folks have been waiting, watching, and frustrated because of all the times that the biology predicted she’d be in labor – there was no baby. And every day she got closer was the supposed day… And everyday folks got more frustrated. Mind you, April is the one in the birthing process, she was Chillin.. It was ‘man’ that has rushed her process. Apparently, today is the day she will give birth…and just think from the time she was speculated to actually give birth until now – how premature that birth would’ve been. Moral of the story… If God has begun something in you that you will birth, let no man rush – let no fear hinder- let not timetable other than God’s be your focus. Trust the process.

I haven’t watched or cared about the giraffe one way or the other, but this word is definitely for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔