What if the difference in experiencing peace, justice, change, healing, deliverance, and freedom lies in y o u r prayers? What if the release of all these things is contingent upon those God has called his own – opening up their mouths and calling on the power of God in prayer? What if the cure for cancer is waiting on you? What if I told you another black life that matters doesn’t have to be lost if you just open your mouth? What if the direction of the lives of your loved ones could completely change course if you would just p r a y? What if I told you that simply parting your lips and beckoning a God that waits for you to call on Him and draw of His strength could change the very nature of this world?

…Really starting to think that things don’t change because we don’t really believe in the Power of God to change it…. Prayer changes all things, not just things that concern us, not just when our family is sick and our bills are late… Crazy to think that God has given us a weapon equivalent to an atomic bomb… and we

d o n t use it……