I realized today that our prayers are too small.. We often ask God for things that he’s already promised us – traveling mercies, safety, to keep us, to be with us… Those are all things He’s already given us and doing for us. It’s time to stop being afraid of being disappointed because your expectations haven’t been met, and ask our Great big God, for great big things! Instead of expecting something you want over something you need, or expecting to be disappointed because you didn’t get what you want, or get your way… ask God for the great big things and expect Him to deliver. You know he wants to bless you, you know He wants to prosper you, grow and stretch you, and you know He’s going to do what’s best for you. So just ask! Ask God to use His transformative power to truly change your life, your situation, and your heart. Ask God to move mightily in your life and the lives of those around you. Put someone else on the altar and ask God to change their heart. God is too great and too big for tiny prayers. And you’ve witnessed Him do too many great things to keep asking for the same ol’ stuff! Trust Him. Trust what you’ve seen Him do. Trust what He’s done for you. Not only is He able, He is willing! Do it! I dare you. Watch and see what happens!! #GreatBigFaith in a #GreatBigGod … There is NOTHING He cannot do. Nothing. There are things he won’t do. But there is NOTHING He cannot do. Learn the difference!