When I think of all the emotional scars and infirmities my heart has collected over the last 26 years – some I caused myself, some I did not deserve, and some I couldn’t protect myself from; all I can do is look to The Savior, who truly is the fill in the blank to every single need. To think that without The Savior I would spend year after year chasing pavement, trying to piece together every broken piece of my heart that is yet- still breaking. Thank God for a Savior that can swiftly and ever so eloquently mend all of my broken pieces, much like anesthesia-unbeknownst to me and void of all pain, requiring only that I breathe and rest in Him. Whom else would show that kind of grace and mercy to a boastful wretch that believes self-sufficiency is the key? None but the One that waits with anticipation for the desperate and broken-hearted to turn toward Him.”If we are not careful, the facades that we create for ourselves will begin to dominate our day – to – day existence. Then, when a new emotional experience or intense circumstance forces the wounds and scars of the past to the surface of our lives, we will experience great internal tension. We will desire to be free from the hurt, but we will be afraid to reveal the pain. When we pray about our situations, we will wear our masks into the presence of God, and therefore we won’t experience any release. Then we will wonder if God is paying attention at all..”