1- Distractions to your purpose, plans, or goals.
We are unable to see distractions for what they are because they are designed to be revealed as such once its too late and they have accomplished what they came to. To distract you. This is why you need to humble yourself and allow someone with discernment and the good sense God gave to know what’s going on in your life because you NEED an aerial view, not just your tunnel vision. IF and only IF you and the company you keep are mature, it is not jealousy, hating, or being nosey..it is wisdom, discernment, and love for you. Don’t be confused.

2- Our tunnel vision keeps us from seeing our own bigger picture.
In dating and relationships (well before the w-2 plots started), I never considered the **other things I have to offer. Hear me out- not to boast in anyway, but I never considered that I could be considered as a come up!! 27 years old, own my own home, my own car, make a good salary running my business, college educated almost x’s 2 and saved, actively pursuing a real relationship with Christ daily… Just as rare as a saved black man is, so is a saved black woman with all of that going for her, no children and no THOT reputation… We desperately need to see ourselves outside of ourselves, we are just as if not more rare than the men we think we want, desire, or need. The time to consider your worth, internally and externally is now..Guarding your mind and your heart has never been more important than NOW because that same distraction in number 1 will use number 2 to be successful. And it will come in the 🎁 of what you want, think you need, or have been praying for!! Do not be deceived sisters in Christ, the greatest invitation for Satan to come in and steal, kill, and destroy is the lack of, or a distorted perception of your self worth!

Just some things 2015 has taught me already. 2015 is the year of exposure and growth. Exposing the enemy’s tactics, and exposing our wounds and strongholds that neither might be prosperous in our lives going forward…