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March 2013

A call into the kingdom of God.

A call into the kingdom of God..


This was everything that I needed to happen, that did happen to me today. What a sign..indeed.



God is certainly up to something. Something BIG


I have had some interesting moments with God here recently, the biggest being telling God how I feel. I have realized, I don’t tell God how I feel or how I feel about what’s going on in my life. Frankly, until last month I don’t think I have ever. Which ultimately means, I’ve never been truly honest with God. 

I know He knows everything about me, and everything that I am, have been, and will go through. He already knows, but somehow I know He wants to hear from me. My classmates said today that if you don’t speak it to Him, it’s like your not giving it all over to Him. 

Honestly, when I’m speaking to God..I am either asking Him for His strength, or his..whatever I need to get through the day. I pray for others, I pray for myself, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude anytime I speak to Him. However, I never really talk about me, or how I feel. I just feel so unworthy sometimes that when I think about His Grace and Mercy toward me, it seems unreasonable to say to Him…Hey the way, aside from everything you’ve ever done for me… I’m mad about this over here. 

I guess at the end of the day, I am the one with the issues. Ultimately, if I believe the God I serve, read about, worship and love, then I should know that He wants to know all about the stuff that hurts me or bothers me the most. I just need to get in the habit of talking to Him about it. In reality, it would make sense…because nobody wants to hear all about everything that is hurting me or frustrating me..especially not on a regular basis. Not like He does. I think if I spent more time talking to God about what is important to me, what is going on with me..then my life and my relationship with Him would be better all the more. 


Whatever God is doing. I want to yield to it. For real. Feels like the plateau to the next level in Christ. 

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