Weapons Of Warfare

The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

See People.

I just want to see people. I want to see all the people that feel like I’ve felt. The folk that mosey on out of the room unnoticed because everyone is engaged with someone and they have no one. I want to notice all the people that feel small, and do for them all the things that I wish someone would say or do in the moments that I feel the smallest. I want to ask folk how they’re doing and genuinely mean it. Not out of protocol or manners, but because I wonder has anyone asked and really cared? I want people to feel seen- to be glad they showed up today because had they not, the would’ve missed the encounter. I just want people to feel like they matter. It’s hard feeling like you wouldn’t be missed if you weren’t around. Or that if you weren’t there, no one would notice. No one would ask, “have you seen such and such lately? Checked in with them? heard from them?”… I am proof that someone somewhere would be looking for you! People from yesteryear cross my mind every day. Shame on me for not reaching out and letting them know they were on my mind. But there isn’t a day that goes by that someone that I used to know, or currently know that I haven’t seen or talked to – doesn’t cross my mind.

Even if you feel like no one is looking for you, you still matter. Your existence is still important. Life would be different for someone tomorrow if you weren’t here today. We need you. We need your specific contribution to this space in this very moment. We need what you bring to the table. We need your ideas, your visions and your dreams to come to fruition. We need your hopes that you hang your heart on. We need you! We need you to raise your children in the way that only you can – that will set them on the path of change to be a chain-breaker in this world. We need your grandchildren to be the visionary for a lost generation. We need your footprint that crosses the path of so many to leave an indelible imprint on the lives of others.

Today may not feel like your day. Today you may feel invisible. But we still need you. Someone is thinking of you. You are crossing someone’s mind right now. A stranger that doesn’t know you needs your smile, needs your “thank you.” Someone needs your, “You’re welcome,” today. Someone needs to see your smile today. And even on the days where none of this seems possible to you; and you just can’t believe it to be true. We need you tomorrow also. You’re someone’s reason for getting up.

Sometimes its the smallest things that matter. Missed you today.

Mask Off

I’ve learned that mask we often wear to hide portions of ourselves and our lives is more of a prison for ourselves than protection from ridicule and pain at the hands of others… When we wear a mask, no one is able to get to know, care for, and love the real us… So when the real US shows up – whether it inability to hide it because it’s spilling over, or we’re tired of keeping up the facade; the people that we love have a hard time supporting, relating, and helping us because they don’t know us in that space…they aren’t sure how to support this version of us because they’ve never been privileged to know it. And this leaves us vulnerable and alone, which many of us fear the most. Isn’t it ironic that we put up all these walls and barriers to protect ourselves from the heartbreak of being abandoned and being seen for whom and what we really are… Only to be equally if not more heartbroken because we end up abandoned and heartbroken through our own protective measures when the real us decides to show up?

I Decided.

I decided that I don’t want to settle in my life anymore.

I don’t want to be pessimistic out of fear of disappointment when I really want to be excited. I don’t want to be doubtful instead of hopeful because my expectations weren’t met. I don’t want to continue without expectation because it/he/they may fall short of that expectation. I don’t want to spend another day afraid to dream, to have hope for the things in my heart as if they’re off limits to me. I don’t want to cheer/push/pray/or drag another person into their destiny and forget about mine. I don’t want to take the first mate that I think I like because he likes me but doesn’t rise to the occasion or meet the standard. I don’t want to accept disrespect because it’s become familiar. I don’t want to be taken advantage of for the sake of people being around, and I don’t want to be anyone’s seconds, after thought, or back burner – backup plan. And I don’t want to doubt that who I am right now is not enough, not another day. Just not what I wanna do anymore. I deserve more. HE guarantees me more. I owe it to myself and the grace over my life to be present in it, expecting to receive all that has my name on it. That’s what I wanna do.#reachoutandgrabit

.. Don’t mind me….#30iscoming and I speak a shift over every area of my life! My faith, my finances, my friendships, my business, my relationships, my mind, my heart, the way that I perceive, receive and interpret information, my home, and everything connected to me. Change starts with the decision to change & I decided!


This – my people, are out there. For every person that “doesn’t know how to take me,” for every time I’ve been labeled for being exactly who I am. For speaking the way that I do. For not filtering my responses or opinions to satisfy the palettes of others.. For every time I’ve said what everyone else was thinking but did not say. For my way. My way of being. My way of interacting or not interacting. For every time I tried to be someone or something else to be appealing and appeasing and you still “don’t know how to take,” either of those options. For every time you told me to be my true authentic self, and even then that wasn’t enough. For every time I silenced the voice that God gave me because reception may be off – even when I knew He gave it to me to say… For every time you encouraged me with cliché quips about being made in His image, but you don’t like what you see. MY PEOPLE are out there. And even if I haven’t found all of them yet, even if my tribe isn’t fully assembled, they are out there. And they already love me, just as I am. Just as I was, and all of me that will come to be. I dare not withdraw, shrink, or hide myself for those that are not my people. They deserve the best of me. Not the self-esteem lacking rest of me. Not the leftovers from trying to fit in, be like, be appreciated, or being well received. Everything and everyone won’t be well received. Some of us are here to provide the harsh truths that make you change, make you think, make you reconsider, and push your patience and empathy to its next level. And if we’re not for you, that’s fine. I am not for everyone. I am not for most. But, my people are out there and they will love me fiercely.


This is why being honest about who you are and what you’ve been through and where you are, no matter how ugly, dark, or terrible it may be is important.

If you say to me, you got into a little fender binder, but everything is okay and you’re fine.. I might say, “oh no, I’m glad you’re okay!”.. But if you tell me that a car hit you, and your car rolled over three times, crossed two lanes of traffic, and you had to get 37 switches and a new hip, I would say..” Oh my God! That ain’t nobody but God, you are blessed girl! “…

Did you catch the difference?! If you hide the ugly and dark details, folk can’t really see what God has/is doing! All we can see is what YOU want us to see, and not what God has done! Just like the people on the gram selling waist trainers and diet pills… I can’t tell if something works for me if I haven’t seen it work for someone else LIKE ME! Put a fat girl in a waist trainer and show me HER BEFORE and after pics so I can see what it can really do! So I can see if it will work for me!

I said all that to say if you’re not willing to show people your before – what God has done, fixed, restored, brought you through – honestly and earnestly… How will people know if He really works? If He’s worth trying?

Stop hiding God’s work to save face! Where you are now only matters because of where you’ve been!

Depression is not…

One time for the Super saved saints in the front row…

Things depression are not:
– a lack of faith in God
– a lack of trust in God
– the inability to see how blessed you are
– the inability to recognize favor on your life
– an emotional moment that can be turned off by “being positive”
– a choice

Things depression are:
– very real. Period.

Sometimes it’s best to pray and be silent. If you don’t know what to say, say nothing. This is a golden rule. People don’t need to know you’re praying, or your 2 cents before you pray. Just pray. Because telling folk they “should just…” is dead before you finish the sentence.

Carry on.

April The Giraffe

Sometimes we can see all that God has endowed a person with, and all the amazing things they will do once they “walk in their calling,” or submit to the process and give birth to that thing that the people and the world need, that we get frustrated with them! We even get frustrated when it’s us that is reluctant or stagnant in the birthing process! But apparently everything is a process and most have a definitive beginning and a definite end – and there’s no other way around BUT to trust the process. Case in point, April The Giraffe {Duh!} many folks have been waiting, watching, and frustrated because of all the times that the biology predicted she’d be in labor – there was no baby. And every day she got closer was the supposed day… And everyday folks got more frustrated. Mind you, April is the one in the birthing process, she was Chillin.. It was ‘man’ that has rushed her process. Apparently, today is the day she will give birth…and just think from the time she was speculated to actually give birth until now – how premature that birth would’ve been. Moral of the story… If God has begun something in you that you will birth, let no man rush – let no fear hinder- let not timetable other than God’s be your focus. Trust the process.

I haven’t watched or cared about the giraffe one way or the other, but this word is definitely for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔

A Call to Action

Calling ALL folks. Christians. Parents. People with Eyeballs…..

Our children and babies are not collectibles.

Our children and babies are not collectibles that sit on the shelf.

Dressed to perfection creating a false perception of our hood wealth.

They are more than figures modeling gold chains, sagging jeans, and the Jordan that just came out,

Or lip gloss on lips, ridiculous weaves, and hands on hips poking out.

They are more than a tax deduction, an income credit, and EBT instead of debit.

More than a ticket into our very first low income house,

With broken blinds, sheets as curtains, in a neighborhood they’ll never come out.

So much more than the product of violent, or broken, illegitimate relationships.

You know, sex with an ex that’s supposed to let.. the rest know, that’s your man..

Or girl after girl after girl to prove to the world that I am more than what they say I am.

Our teenagers are more than babysitters for our younger kids,

They are people with feelings, and voices, and lives to be lived.

More than our indentured servants–bring it here, gimme that, and go get me this..

Or housekeepers in charge because we don’t FEEL like doing it..

More than things we have to put up with, responsibilities, or something to do..

So we can run the streets, have me time, because momma gotta have a life too.

They are more than the resentment of the Grandmother made mother for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time,

Or the father they’ll never know, in and out of jail committed to a life of crime.

I can’t speak for you, but I want our children to mean so much more,

Than the face of a black lives matter protest, killed on the way to the store.

Or the life that was taken at the wrong place and the wrong time,

Out being ministered to and raised by the world because they weren’t a priority of mine.

See, the world is not waiting for us to try and understand,

Why they do this, look like that, and what’s going on with their pants.

It’s still spinning, still turning, and drawing them in,

While our beliefs are on repeat.. “fornication before marriage is a sin..”

Our children need love, guidance, respect and protection from this world,

More importantly the opportunity to be a little boy or little girl.

The time is now for you to use what you’ve got and get involved,

God doesn’t require you have it all together and that your problems be solved.

You can no longer complain and pray about the condition of this generation,

If you refuse to act, become involved and bring change to the situation.

We want to save them and change them so they can come to know God for themselves

But we ignore them, undervalue them like silenced dolls on a shelf.

God says the children are a heritage from The Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward,

But we judge them, alienate them to the point they won’t even darken the door.

How can we be salt and light for them, exposing them to truth,

When our actions towards them don’t provide them any proof?

I came and said all of this to say,

 Don’t put off tomorrow what you can start today.

If we don’t step in and take back the youth of this generation,

It could be your child’s face on the tv station.

Your daughter could be the very next Sandra Bland,

Or the next baby momma to a disrespectful excuse for man.

Or that could be your son walking out on his responsibility,

“nah..that ain’t my son, having a baby ain’t for me..”

You may be thinking, I’m not equipped, called, or a parent, what can I do?

But God says train up and child in the way that he should go, and He was talking to you.

So if you think that you can turn a blind eye, do nothing and still get to the gate,

And slide right on in because He made your crooked ways straight..

I’m here to tell you that God won’t be pleased,

Especially when Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these..”


Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

God gave me an apple, though I don’t too much care for apples. Little did I know it would be one of the greatest blessings in my life, and no matter what should come, nothing else will ever hold a candle to that apple.  A tale as old as time would say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – you know, the apple having gained all of its nutrients and properties from the tree in which it fell from.  The more and more I began to see my apple, see beyond it’s shiny exterior, and past what it provides, and really look at the apple, I couldn’t help but think that the tree that this apple fell from, must be something to behold. Having been in awe of my apple, I began to take notice of the tree.

You see my apple came from a lone, strong, and deeply rooted tree. You know the one surrounded by many, but different enough to command its own space. The kind of tree that when first planted, you’re not really sure it’s going to make it, but it weathers plenty of storms and stands stronger now than most had expected. What I love most about my apple is the tough, resilient skin on the outside. The kind of skin that holds underneath a delicate, and very sweet flesh that needs to be protected from the outside elements. Something that gentle on the inside, can’t be exposed so easily to the outside world. I believe the apple takes right after the tree. The outside of the tree has a strong bark that allows it to weather storms, conditions, and any of the elements that come its way, but is very protective of the very delicate core  that dwells underneath. I imagined the apple learned to take after the tree in order to survive right along side of it, and that anytime it seemed the elements would be too much for the apple to bear, the tree held on – tight enough to ensure the apple was good and grounded, but loose enough that it should find its own way through the storm.

Some trees command attention by their sheer height and stature. Some have pretty colorful leaves during the fall months, and others have big thick branches that tower over us. But this particular tree, not overwhelming in size, not flashy in appearances – but pronounced and purposeful also catches the eye. This particular tree is heavily rooted in the ground on which it stands. Not easily swayed by its surroundings or the actions of others. But staunch and firm in where it stands, and always reliable to be exactly where it has always been. This tree is consistent. Always there to extend itself to anyone or anything in need. Many find shelter under this tree when the elements become too much to bare, and protection from storms that aren’t easily weathered without a firm foundation. Just like this tree, the apple has been provision for so many – often having many of its own needs going unmet. But again, every tree is not built the same. Some need a lot of attention and tending to come into their own as they are expected to do so. But not this tree. This tree has been guided by its Heavenly creator that planted instructions and provision for this tree to not only come to fruition as he envisioned, but to serve a greater purpose than the cost of arriving at its intended divine destiny. And just as the Father stated, this tree shall bear fruit. Fruit indicative of the kind of seed planted well beneath its roots. The kind of nourishment that produces a fruit far greater than the branch in which it stemmed from. This tree, over the years –standing tall. Standing alone. Standing strong. Flourishing. Growing. Blossoming. Withering and starting the cycle all over again has produced the kind of fruit that will continue to reap and sew fruit for years and years to come. This purposefully resilient tree that continues to deposit its seed back into good ground over, and over, and over again…This tree that has always done what needed to be done, stood in the gaps for many – that has been a provider, a caretaker, a caregiver, a constant in a world full of change—has been refuge for some, and a symbol of wisdom and strength for all. This is the tree that bore the fruit that was my apple, that is my blessing. In this instance, I am so grateful the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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